CyberLink AudioDirector 12 Ultra 12.1.2415.0 Crack

10 January 2022
127 MB

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CyberLink AudioDirector 12 Ultra is your One Stop Shop for Mixing, Editing, and Mastering Your Tracks. Create the Perfect Recording Environment. Let powerful AI tools create the perfect recording environment anywhere. Remove wind gusts, reverb, and echo from audio clips intelligently so dialogue and ambient sounds are clearly heard.

  • Extract Vocals Out of Any Audio Track
    Separate vocals from your favorite songs or add your own background tracks to your projects.
  • Achieve Crystal Clear Speech
    Restore and fine tune speech in your video and audio projects and create unmatched clarity, even in loud, or noisy environments.
  • Clean Up Your Audio
    Apply a range of restoration tools to get crisp, clear, distraction-free vocals. No noise, hiss, hum and distortion.
  • Restoration Tools
    – Contour Dialogue
    – Plosive Removal
    – Reduce Noise
    – Remove clicks, pops, crackles
    – Distortion Removal
    – Hiss & Hum Removal
  • Create Perfect Podcasts and Voiceovers
    Produce error-free podcasts and voiceovers with a full-bodied, balanced sound.
  • Studio Quality Tools to Guide Your Workflow
    Enhance the speed and quality of your production. Combine multiple effects, record from multiple channels, and apply your core sound to all your audio files at the same time.
  • Integrated with PowerDirector.
    Export your entire audio project from AudioDirector, directly into PowerDirector. Your project edits will automatically synchronize perfectly between the two apps.


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