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This is our farewell post,

we wish to sell mhktricks at 2500$ (including domain, all posts, and cracks with source code), our monthly earnings ~250$

We will accept payment via USDT only, please comment your email below or mail us at if you are interested.


After 11+ years of one motto- To make the world affordable for everyone.

With very heavy heart we are announcing the closure of mhktricks.

We would like to thank you all for your support, we reached out to millions.

mhktricks was started to help every unemployed yet motivated person who cannot afford to buy an expensive software, keeping in mind that hundreds of developers have worked over it.

What’s next:

We will be closing soon in a week or so, we will be redirecting you to our partner site (you can trust them 100%)-


Admins got involved in many other works to do, we wish to continue but the circumstances are unfavourable.



Cheers to Everyone 😉

12 comments on "mhktricks is for SALE!"

  1. HJ says:

    bbyee…its been great experience with you…Thank you very much for all your efforts.
    last request for app Follower Assistant Pro.

    Thanks Mhktricks

  2. ilovemhktricksteam says:

    best team 😀

  3. Jimmy says:

    Thank you for all the happiness you gave us for free. I wish you and all the people behind the website a wonderful life. Good luck and cheers from your Afghan brother!

  4. ZCKXDC says:

    Its a good run. Confidently you helped thousands of people.

  5. Tarik says:

    its sad since i am following from 2012 only website i trust

  6. RB3 says:

    It’s been a great adventure and ride. Thanks for your modest contribution to the entire community. You have truly help many. Hope you decide to come back in the near future bigger and better. Much Thanks and Support

  7. t69 says:

    Wow. Though it may not seem like it, but you really have helped* many people.
    Although we have never met or seen each other and we may never get to.

    But we’ll always have that connection to MHK and the people behind it.
    Thank you where ever you are and I wish you (Admin/Admins) a happy life ahead.

  8. Mandip Barman says:

    Don’t know for how long i have been using this website, been helpful all the time with latest ISO files and other software’s. will miss you.

  9. safi says:

    best team with great patience with us you gave with no limits with nothing in retor
    thank you very much

  10. fan says:

    will miss IDM Universal Web Crack . best wishes to whole mhktricks

  11. Diwakar Sharma says:

    Thank you so much.. for your contribution to this society.. people like us who cannot pay for softwares are totally dependent on people such as you.. because of you i have skill that i may not be able to learn because softwares are not free…..
    Thank you so much guys..

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