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For over twenty years now, Final Draft has shown itself to be the most vital tool available to the screenwriter. Final Draft has eclipsed all of its competitors because it is the best. It does everything you could possibly think of and then you can write and not think of it at all.


  • Advanced Brainstorming
    With Final Draft 11, you can brainstorm, visualize, report, tag, collaborate and customize your writing environment like never before.
  • Refined Beat Board
    Limitless space to organize your ideas in a customizable, visual way. Plan set pieces, store character research, and much more.
    – Beats can be anything – plot points, character arcs, research, location ideas
    – Beats can contain both stylized text and images
    – Drag content to and from your script and Beat Board, preserving formatting
    – Color code for easy reference with a vibrant color palette
  • New Story Map
    Connect your Beat Board ideas to your script. Keep on track with visual guideposts to your story.
    – Organize Beats and Structure Points from the Beat Board
    – View Beat content easily while writing
    – Visually plan milestones and plot points
    – Easily navigate your script and Beat Board
  • Easier Formatting
    Use your creative energy to focus on your story and characters — let Final Draft take care of the rest.
  • Title Page
    All Final Draft templates come with industry standard title pages that are easy to customize.
  • Tab & Enter
    Use just the Tab and Enter keys to write your script quickly and easily.
  • Format Assistant
    Be confident your script is professionally formatted before you print or email it.
  • Reformat Tool
    Speed through the reformatting process when importing different file types.
  • Automatic Backup Folder
    Protect your work with automatic file backups.
  • Unicode Support
    Final Draft 11 ships with fonts which support over 97 different languages. Users can also add their own fonts to type in additional languages.
  • Pagination & Page Management
    Automatically format and paginate to industry standards. Meet page count requirements by using any of the Final Draft 11 custom formatting tools.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    Customize your workflow and save time.

Install Instructions

1. Install Final Draft 11
2. Copy contents from Crack folder into Installation directory
3. That’s all 🙂


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