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Perfect Hotkey is the ultimate productivity tool for the everyday computer user. With Perfect Hotkey, you can open any program, website, game, video, music with a hotkey that you defined. This will not only boost productivity, but also save you the time wasted on finding programs, locating folders, double clicking on music files and manually opening a website. Perfect Hotkey can do all that for you.


  • Open your favorite websites without you starting your browser
  • Run your programs without you having to find them in the start menu, desktop or folders
  • Close, minimize, maximize windows with a single key, without clicking on anything.
  • Hide any program, game, video, picture with a few presses of a key
  • Shutdown or restart your computer in less than a second.
  • Open any program, website, game, file, folder, drive, music, video, document, image anywhere, anytime without finding, clicking or opening it.

Install Instructions

1. Install Perfect Hotkey
2. Run YL All Product Keygen, Select Perfect Hotkey from the Products list
3. Click on Generate and Copy the Serial Key
4. Run Perfect Hotkey, click on Enter Registration Key, paste the copied serial key & click on OK
5. That’s all 🙂


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