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Win 10 Tweaker is a small but very powerful program that allows you to make full optimization and cleaning Windows in a few clicks.


• The program does not splurge , demonstrating useless features. In Win 10 Tweaker, only the most popular parameters and options are collected. Many options include dozens of others to save time on selecting checkmarks, and, again, keep the user out of their eyes.
• Each tweak item has a detailed description-hint when you hover over it.
• Win 10 Tweaker is free from additional modules such as nircmd, self-extracting SFX archives and libraries that other tweakers need. The program has everything you need to apply the settings on the fly. If the user does not need something, the system will not be dirtied by a single byte.
• Win 10 Tweaker does not just roll back actions if you use a separate icon in front of the checkbox, but restores the system values. This can be useful to those who do not know how to return what another tweaker broke.
• The program was written originally for Windows 10 , and therefore is called Win 10 Tweaker, but after several versions it has acquired full compatibility with Windows 7, 8.1, LTSB / LTSC, Home, Server.
• Win 10 Tweaker not only supports both bit depth (x86 and x64) , but also combines both of them in a single copy of the program. And depending on the capacity and version of Windows, he chooses the method of working with the system.
• Win 10 Tweaker has the fastest and most convenient system for cutting and restoring applications from the Windows store. In terms of convenience, appearance, intuitiveness and speed, Win 10 Tweaker has no analogues in this regard.
• The program has the fastest and most convenient update system . It is enough to check for updates in the “About the program” window and click OK to instantly update the program and launch it again.

Install Instructions

1. Just run (Right click on Accept)
2. That’s all 🙂


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